Most Popular Electric Scooter: Razor E100

Most Popular Electric Scooter: Razor E100
Most Popular Electric Scooter: Razor E100

The Razor E100 Electric Scooter is definitely the most well known among purchasers because of its blend of elements, 7 shading decisions and cost. The Razor E100 is offered in an assortment of fun hues, for example, Black, Purple, Red, Gray, and two shades of Pink. Dark handlebars with included grasps for solace and support permits the rider to hang on securely and successfully. This electric scooter can convey youngsters up to 120 pounds making it the ideal bike for more youthful children.


The Razor E100 highlights a durable and rechargeable 24V fixed battery framework, alongside a charger. At the point when your new electric scooter arrives it is prescribed that it be charged for 24 hours, yet is usable after 12. Completely charging the battery will make it last more and give quicker energizes.

With up to 40 minutes of fun before requiring an energize, this kid electric scooter highlights a high-torque 100 watt engine that is to a great degree calm. This permits the rider to hear approaching vehicles or drivers, keeping the rider sheltered and out of damage’s way.

The electric scooter is worked by an effortlessly turned curve throttle that permits the rider to go at paces of up to 10 miles for every hour. The bend throttle offers 1 speed that is either on or off, so it is simple for youthful youngsters to work. It likewise includes a simple to utilize kick begin engine for safe departures. This implies the engine won’t begin until the electric scooter is now moving. This push to begin highlight amplifies the life of the battery and empowers learners to work easily as it gives a smooth begin with no curve balls.

e100 controls

A spring stacked kickstand permits the electric scooter to stand freely without leaning it against something, or lie it on the ground. The Razor scooter likewise includes an eight inch pneumatic front tire for a smooth ride, greatest strength and a lot of hold. The back tire is a strong urethane (like a kick scooter), which can get to be distinctly elusive in wet conditions so mind should be taken.

The brakes are hand worked on the handlebars and this is the main scooter with a front edge brake like those found on electric scooters. However a few proprietors note it isn’t excessively effective, so mind should be gone up against slopes. This bike tips the scales at 29 pounds which is one of the lightest accessible.

e100-dim front-tire

Proprietor’s Manual

For additional data, the Razor E100 proprietor’s manual can be found here.

Client Reviews

The Razor E100 is frequently viewed as the best electric scooter for children in light of its adaptability and cost. It is an agreeable ride for youngsters ages 7 and up. The electric scooter can deal with youngsters up to 120 pounds, making this a kid electric scooter they can appreciate for a long time, yet sufficiently simple for more youthful kids as well.


In case you’re thinking about how the E100 looks at to comparable models, for example, the E125, don’t stress, they’re really the same.

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